Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What is / who are the Sea Cadets?
A:  We are a non-profit youth education and leadership program serving males and females ages 10-17.

Q:  How often do we meet?
A:  Drills (required cadet meetings) are typically scheduled one weekend per month (schedules may vary but usually on the 3rd weekend of the month). 

Q:  Where do we meet?
A:  We meet at Franklin Christian Academy, in Franklin, TN.  The address is 818 Old Charlotte Pike E, Franklin, TN 37064.

Q:  What is my time commitment?
A:  On drill weekends, cadets report to the base at 0800 (8:00AM) and parent pickup is at 1500 (3:00PM)the following day.

Q:  What are the costs involved with membership?
A:  The cost for the first year is currently $180.00. This covers administrative fees, insurance and general operational expenses. Annual dues after the first year are currently $120.00. These prices are subject to change.  Scholarships are available, please contact Col. Ames at if you are needing a scholarship.

Q:  Are there any other costs involved?
A:  Cadets are required to bring $25.00 to each drill to cover the cost of meals. *unless otherwise specified in monthly emails* Advanced training courses typically cost about $20.00/day. All cadets are issued a “sea bag” list with commonly available clothing and items that they must bring with them to all drills and functions. The cost of these items may vary and you may already possess many of these items prior to joining the program.  Scholarships are available, please contact Col. Ames at if you are needing a scholarship.

Q:  Is the Sea Cadet Corps a part of the US Navy?
A:  Not directly. We are an independent non-profit youth education and leadership program sponsored by the Navy League and chartered by Congress. However, many of our adult volunteers are either enlisted or retired personnel from several different branches of the military and Coast Guard.

Q:  By joining the Sea Cadet Corps, is my son or daughter making a commitment to enlist?
A:  There is absolutely no commitment to enlist. However, there are certain advantages if they choose to enlist after high school graduation (enlisting at a higher rank / pay rate for example).

If you have any specific questions that you would like to ask about the Navy Sea Cadet Corps or the Nashville LPD-13 division that are not listed on this page, please visit our contact page.