October Drill

The Smyrna National Guard facility will be closed for several weeks in October which means we have no barracks or chow hall.  We have arranged an off-site drill 10/11 Oct in Kingston Springs.  The cadets will spend the weekend shooting various weapons at the range and camping out at the Moss residence (1577 Kingston Springs Rd, Kingston Springs, TN 37082).
Based on the headcount, we will figure out the cost for ammo and food (will be per person cost regardless of whether or not you shoot or eat – we will have food and ammo for all). We need adult leaders there the entire time to help with picking up and preparing food, clean-up, and supervision.  Everyone will need a tent (or can share), sleeping bag, and a camp chair.
Please click this link: fill it out in Google Forms and let us know if you will be at October drill.