Latimer TN Training Contingency


Latimer Training Contingency hosts multiple Sea Cadet trainings and is located the heart of Tennessee. This is a training with high standards, and will push you to your limits! Every day is a challenge at Latimer ... but you will be proud of how you spent your summer and speak of your training with pride!


Welcome to Latimer!‚Äč

The Tennessee Training Contingency at Latimer Boy Scout Reservation in Spencer, TN is home to multiple summer trainings. All details are below with each respective training.

Latimer is a beautiful location on top of a mountain. It will be HOT and HUMID. If you don't like to sweat, go to Alaska! If you have allergies, come prepared ... if you don't think you have allergies, you may discover some! If you don't like bug bites, start making friends with them!

If you are up for the CHALLENGE of a lifetime, you've come to the right place!


We will push you ... you must be prepared to meet that challenge and push through it. It is only by meeting any adversity in life head-on that we gain the confidence to overcome it. We will train you to lead ... by teaching you what it means to serve. Your adult leaders include active, reserve and retired military personnel, school teachers, and police officers. They are all proven leaders. They will serve you well! We look forward to an exciting, fun, and challenging summer!

CDR Sheryl Tannahill, USN (ret)

COTC Latimer Training Contingency


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