Master-At-Arms Training


The Master-at-Arms training program will introduce cadets to the world of civilian and military law enforcement. The program is taught by US Navy MAAs and officers from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. Cadets will learn and be tested in classroom courses such as how courts work, understanding criminal law, case law, searches, seizures, warrants, radio communications, and report writing. Most of the training will be conducted in a hands-on environment. It will cover areas of law enforcement to include arrests, searches, defensive tactics (hand to hand combat), firearm safety and range time (live fire, 2 days on the gun range), traffic stops, watch standing, sentry, patrol duties, forensics, emergency first aid, and physical readiness.

This is not an easy training. Cadets should be in EXCELLENT physical condition, and mentally prepare themselves for a difficult training. If cadets are not prepared for rigorous physical challenges they will not make it through the training. Though the training is difficult, it is rewarding. Cadets that accept the challenge will have the opportunity to learn from subject matter experts, learn about policing and the military, and put into practice defense and firearm techniques.


2019 Info coming soon...


2019 Info coming soon...

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MAA Admission Fee - $105

MAA Airport Fee - $50

MAA Souvenir T-shirt - $10

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