This year's STEM will give the cadets the opportunity to build a SeaPerch, SeaGlide and model rocket. Sea Perch is a guided, powered Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) and SeaGlide is a next-gen programmable AUV. Cadets will be given instruction on the SeaGlide Programming Language and will program their AUVs once built.

Training deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. A PT test will be administered upon reporting. Cadets who DO NOT pass the minimum PT standards will not be checked-in and sent home with NO REFUND. SeaGlide is a miniature underwater glider designed to be built by cadets. It moves by changing its buoyancy, taking in or expelling water. This change in buoyancy causes the glider to rise and sink in the water. As the glider travels up and down, its wings generate lift, which propels the glider forward. Google SEAGLIDE for more information. Physical Training is a part of this training. Cadets require GOOD QUALITY RUNNING SHOES! NO orthopedic issues within 6 months. Cadets with serious allergies to plants, trees or insects MUST be prepared as this training is conducted mostly outdoors in a heavily wooded area with heavy pollen and insect counts.


July 2 - July 13, 2019


Welcome Letter ... MUST Read! Contains all the details

Behavior Contract ... sign and have unit upload in Magellan


STEM Sea Bag List

What to bring to Latimer training


STEM Admission Fee - $310.00

STEM Airport Fee - $51.50

Payment via website PAYPAL only! No checks or MOs.