Latimer Training

Latimer Training Contingency: July 03-11, 2021

  • Latimer TN Training Contingency USNSCC

334 Plantation Rd

Spencer, TN 38585

Emergency phone 423.881.5376

Welcome! As Commanding Officer of the Latimer Training Contingency 2021, it is my privilege to welcome you to Tennessee! Please take time to read, understand, and comply with the instructions detailed in the following pages.

I recognize that some of you are brand new to this program. If you have questions about this letter, by all means, ASK! But … please start with your unit chain of command. Email questions to me if your unit cannot answer your needs.

The instructors and I are committed to the safety and success of everyone at this training contingent and to instilling the highest standards of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. As such, the motto of the Latimer TN Training Contingency is Learn, Lead, Serve.